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what is UX

UX? User Experience?

What is UX?

The term User Experience was first invented by Dr Donald Norman. Who said that "I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with a system."

UX is better know as User Experience, it is how the user feels and what they experience, while using a website in this case. Providing a amazing user experience is upto the designer to add the features that help to improve the experience your target audience gets. As shopping websites have a huge influence on the consumers behaviour, it is important to provide them with a excellent experience.

When building a website you have to keep the end user in mind and build the website to meet their needs both aesthetically and informatively.

UX Designer Job?

UX Designers study about how users feel when using a system, which can be a website. They look into aspects such as ease of use, accessibility and how efficent the system is. They build for the user of the system and use the UX project life cycle. When building a product you have to think about the what, when, why and who is the end user of your product. UX Designers take both the users needs and the businesses needs into account and build. UX Designers job is challenging and is a excellent career. Designers work differently to each other, but they use key components such as Wireframing, User Flow, design and most importantly telling a story.

Why is User Experience important?


Everything that we buy and use has a effect on the user and their needs. Similary with User Experience for websites, mobile devices and computers, a good UX is important as this can allow the users to interact. A easy to use website can be intresting and enjoyable to use comapred to a complex website. Have you ever gone onto a shopping website and couldnt find what you was looking for because the navigations were complex and hard to use? well this can be improved by UX features shown on this website.

UX Cycle

UX Design Process

The design process is used by many UX Designers, this is simple cycle and have to keep following it around till website is providing good UX.

Example of good User Experience

Example of a good navigation

Navigation is a important part on a website, it guides the user around the website and lets them find what they are looking for. But also navigation is a the common failure to users leaving the website due to not finding what they require and complex navigation.

Navigations require a "new arrivals" button to allow users to see what has been newly added and what is new in fashion, this improves the experience the user gets. Sub headings are also important, as this guides the user into a section that is relevant to them, e.g, Mens - Shoes