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What is HTML 5?


HTML 5 is the all new html coding that works alongside CSS3. Released in 2011, it provides many new features and is faster, which is proving to be success. This is the new standard of coding, HTML 5 alongside CSS3 is the present and future of coding.

The main focus of HTML 5 is to address the modern needs and interactions on a websites and mobile devices.

Whats new?

Becoming a New Standard

As its relatively new and is very powerful, Web developers want to use it and is now becoming the new standard of website building. It is supported by all new browsers which is a advantage and allows the developers to use new features that were not available in the previous HTML.


As it is supported by new browsers, the features are made to fully work with them. This reduces development time, which results in both the client and developer happy as websites can be built in short amount of time.

User Experience features

As HTML 5 provides more features which means the Experience the user gets from using your website is improved. Features within the forms help to boost the users experience, more interaction with the user, cleaner tags, less cluttered navigation bars and no flash.

Cross Platform & supports mobile devices

HTML 5 is friendly on all devices, it can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Being supported by all mobile and desktop devices, which makes it easier for your end user to use and this results in more traffic and usage. HTML 5 has grown so much and is here to stay and is being used widely.


Some of the new tags in HTML 5
HTML5 Tags
HTML 5 & CSS3 Logos
HTML 5 and CSS3 Logos