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Image use on e-commerce websites is important for many reasons. The main reason why images are important are to show the user of what the products that are being sold look like. Having only one image of a item will not show the user how the product actually looks like and what it is but showing multiple images will help the user to sense the item. In previous research shows that users prefer to see more then one picture of the item.

Apply these features

1. Have multiple images

Provide your customers with more then one image of the item. Images can be of the products side view, inside, front view etc depending on the product and also could get a 3D view to increase the users experience. Multiple images are always better then just one.

2. Allow the image to be enlarged

Always let the user seen the image enlarged, it always helps to increase exposure to the product and users can see the product in much more detail.

3. Clear images

Clear images are important as nothing annoys people more then pixelated images on a website. Have HD and clear images saved at 300 DPI and do not stretch the images. Keep the images good quailty and keep the file size small otherwise the website loading times will slow down.

- Good Example of Images

Argos implement good images for their products, as shown above they use multiple images and allow the user to click on the image to see it in a larger view.