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As you may know already about the power of colours, they are really important when it comes down to website design. Use nice colours that are kind to the eye and get the message across. You can use colours to create a user interface design for the user which will work to attract customers. Avoid bright colours and multicoloured designs as this turns off the user and is not very user freindly. The flat design UI colours can be used they can be found here.

Apply these features

learn about colours
1. Use colour to direct the eye of the user to a important part of website

On any website colour use is important. On a e-commerce website colour should be used to direct the eye of the user to a part of the website, having a colours on the website that attract the user can provide users with excellent experience.

2. Colours on a website should work well together

Pick colours that first go together as a colour scheme and work when without a colour scheme. Dont have 50 random colours on the website as this can confuse the user.

- Good Example of colours
Example colour

Asda is a good example of colour, they use only 3 different colours on the website. The colours are light and really go well together.