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Forms are important on e-commerce websites, they are used a lot to allow the user to buy products from them and make a online account. But many forms on websites are complex to use which results in the user leaving the website and shopping elsewhere. From a survey that i conducted, from the responses it was understood that complex forms have a huge impact on the user and actually confuses them. Applying simple features and making it less complex can improve the experience the user gets.

Apply these features

clear example
1. Simple

Make a simple and easy to use form on the website and avoid duplication. Keep the form process short and dont have too many fields. Use self explanatory labels for each field and for more complex fields add a little description to what you actually require from the user.

2. Clear Labels

Tell the user what to enter in the fields, not showing the user what to do, is a common failure on websites. If users do not understand what they need to fill or do then they will leave the website.

-Good example of form
dropbox example

The Dropbox website form is a excellent example of simplicity, they use a simple form to allow their users to register and download the files, this form is simple as only having a few fields and lots of whitespace, which improves the look and attracts the eye.